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Why learn Chinese? Don't Chinese people speak English?
Learning to speak Mandarin is becoming increasingly important for those working and doing business in China. No matter what sort of business you are conducting in China, taking the time and energy to learn Mandarin creates a very favorable impression on Chinese people. Employees and business contacts alike, feel that people without basic language skills are not serious about staying the course in China and will doubt foreigners' intentions if they cannot speak Mandarin. Of course, Chinese people will be unfailingly polite; however, to make progress, develop business contacts, work with colleagues and manage employees – speaking Mandarin has tangible benefits.
Our downloads:
Full Chinese learning course:
This page has a full Chinese learning course complete with voice files that can be downloaded for free. It consists of two books, the Grammar Book, the Workbook and Voice Files for the dialogs in the workbook. We also have a complete Pinyin lesson that teaches Pinyin with voice files included in the lesson. The entire pinyin chart is recorded in this lesson for students to use to hear the sounds needed to speak Chinese. To go to the Downloadable Programs page.
Survival Chinese:
There are 7 lessons that are PDF files with voice files embedded in them as well as three topic-based lessons.
Online courses:
This page explains how to learn Chinese using our online courses. Our Basic Program uses the material available on the Downloadable Programs page that can be downloaded for free at anytime. Our online courses allow students to study off line and, when they are ready, schedule an online class.